The Dragonfly trial electric bike is designed to take this sport to another level.

With a total weight of 60kg and a perfect balance (30kg in the front and 30kg in the rear), the center of gravity of the trial bike is located right in the center, making it much more maneuverable.

The bike allows you to configure different power maps to adapt to your riding style and the terrain you’re in. It can be changed simply and at any time by pressing a button on the handlebar.

The trial bike’s frame is made using CFA (Combined Frame Assembly) technology, combining different materials to provide rigidity where needed and flexibility where necessary.
Furthermore, we employ techniques in the assembly of aluminum parts based on aerospace standards (Solderless assembly system).

At Mecatecno, we have designed a specific engine for the Dragonfly, specifically prepared for competition and taking into account its weight to make the bike lighter.

Technical Specifications