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Danny Butler


«This bike is breath off fresh air!»

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Carles Casas

trial rider

«An extremely light agile bike, very easy and fun to ride.»

C.Casas – 46 times participant at 3DTS, 31 times participant at SSDT

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Chema Quer

trial world

«The lightest Trials bike on the market breaks with current cannons».

«Trial is a very phisical sport, and the lightness of the Dragonfly surprised me a lot. You can ride longer at 100% of your level.»
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Cesar Panicot

trial rider

“After four non-riding long years, I was wondering how would I feel on the pegs again. I’m happily surprised with how fast I have adapted. Soon after jumping on it I was repeating the same difficult sections I used to train with the petrol bike. In comparison, I missed a bit more inertia, but on the other hand I would emphasize its lightness, balance, traction, high torque and how long you can ride this battery.

Dragonfly will greatly do for 90% of Trials riders, and I don’t think they’ll reach all its potential.”

C. Panicot – European Trial Vice-Champion ’93, World Trial E Vice-Champion ’17

Óscar Alonso

nonstop bikes

«The Mecatecno Dragonfly is the silence and lightness in trial.»

Jordi Ramonet


«The new benchmark in electric trial bikes.»

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